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Don't take my word for it. Here's what others say about working with me.


"I'm not good with words, which is why I am so thankful we have Angela. I can always count on her to write a perfect article for us and the work she does is beautiful."  

~ Deb McCarty, Peak Sports, Corvallis


"During my time working with Angela, I learned so much. She is the perfect mix of friend, mentor and inspiration. Under her, learning came easy and I was given opportunities to grow. What Angela does best is understanding and connecting with people. She excels at guiding people through difficult decisions." 

~ Emily Harrison, Senior Strategist, iCrossing, San Francisco


"Angela has great instincts about people and how to utilize their strengths. She's one of those people that, when presented with a problem, is always one step ahead. She is a natural born problem solver and coach - it's where she thrives. Her writing is relatable and warm, but smart and savvy. In short, she is the real deal."  

~ Katie Lantz-Phillips, Owner, Potion Bath


Additional references available upon request.











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